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The premise of "Shark Tank" is to turn ordinary businessmen and businesswomen into successful millionaires. The long-running program has seen some of the most talented entrepreneurs conjure up incredibly unique businesses and products and pitch them to investors in hopes of developing the idea. The panel includes the star-studded cast of Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O'Leary, who hear out the hopeful monkey-makers as they vouch for their creative concepts.

To no surprise, the stars of the hit reality series, which first premiered in 2009, per IMDb, are remarkably rich themselves. To determine whether or not a product or business idea is worth putting money in, the castmates, a.k.a the Sharks, each have loads of experience running their own corporations. Most of them have even offered advice on how to successfully manage a business in their very own books, such as Lori's book "Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! Make Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality." With lucrative careers comes lots of money, and each and every one of the Sharks has a mind-boggling net worth.

Their healthy bank account balances are reflected in their home lives, too;Barbara,Mark,Robert,Lori,Daymond, and Kevin, have some of the most beautiful residences. For details on where each of the "Shark Tank" stars live, keep scrolling.

Barbara Corcoran's NYC penthouse is definitely worth more than $10 million now

One of the most impressive homes among the sharks is none other than Barbara Corcoran. The boss-babe businesswoman lives in a gorgeous penthouse in New York City. Per Closer Weekly, Barbara purchased her four-bedroom, seven-bathroom home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for almost $10 million in 2015.

Located on the well-known Fifth Avenue, the TV personality's luxurious pad boasts unbeatable views of the Manhattan skyline. However, Barbara didn't move in right away after buying her abode, as he renovated the entire residence from top to bottom. In addition to flipping the upstairs and downstairs floor plans, the New Jersey native gutted her kitchen and created a beautiful 16-foot glass conservatory. The home also comes with lavish living areas, a dining room, a game room, a huge patio area on her own private balcony, and more.

Speaking with Peoplein 2018 about the two-year renovation, Barbara joked it was "horrific" to live with her husband, Bill Higgins, and their two kids, Tom and Kate, amid the process. "The renovation process is exactly like going through labor. But just like having a child, after it's born, you forget the pain," the "Use What You've Got" author said, noting how it was all worth it. "Even on rainy, dire, dismal days, this place is sunny. It's like living on top of the world."

Mark Cuban is living the life of a true billionaire in his massive Dallas estate

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When Mark Cuban has to be on set for "Shark Tank," all he has to do is hop on a private jet from his stomping grounds in Dallas, Texas. The Pittsburgh native resides in a sprawling mega-mansion in the influential neighborhood of Preston Hollow. According to Velvet Ropes, his neighbors include former President George W. Bush and golf superstar Jordan Spieth, among other famous names.

Similar to Barbara's, Mark's abode is sure to take your breath away considering the residence sits on more than seven acres and boasts 23,676 square feet. In total, the home comes with 10 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. The television star has been living in the abode since 1999, having paid $17.6 million at the time. He currently resides in the dwelling with his wife, Tiffany Stewart, whom he married in 2002, and their three kids: Alexis, Alyssa, and Jake.

Aside from the large living space, Mark's pad features an endless list of amenities, including a multiple-car garage, a large driveway that has a gorgeous water fountain, a full-sized tennis court, a luxurious pool, a wine cellar, and five wet bars. Velvet Ropes also reported the billionaire entrepreneur installed a state-of-the-art sound system as soon as he bought the enviable house. It sounds like Mark loves hosting parties!

Robert Herjavec pocketed more than $2 million on his Hidden Hills flip

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Why have one home when you can have multiple, like Robert Herjavec? The Canadian businessman and investor has a few properties around the world, but he mainly lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Kym Johnson, and their twins, Hudson and Haven. Most recently, Robert was residing in a 13,000-square-feet estate in Hidden Hills, California. TMZ reported Robert and Kym bought the 1.7-acre property for $15 million in July 2019.

The duo's home was massive, boasting more than 15 combined bedrooms and bathrooms. In addition, the residence came with a chef-style kitchen, a private indoor movie theater, a subterranean gym, and an outdoor area with luxuries including a pool and spa area, a patio, and a playground. Though Robert and Kym were only settled down for less than a year, the pair put the pad on the market and sold it for $17.25 million in May 2021, per Variety. The outlet reported the investor originally listed the 14,400 square-foot "contemporary farmhouse" in December 2020.

Though property records don't show whether Robert and Kym bought a new California estate, The Wall Street Journal reported that he purchased a ritzy apartment in New York's One57 luxury penthouse building in June 2021. Robert is said to have paid $34.5 million for the unit, which is located between Sixth and Seventh Avenues in Manhattan.

Lori Greiner lives a low-key life in Chicago

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Of all the "Shark Tank" stars, Lori Greiner keeps her personal life out of the public eye more than the rest of the gang. Though details on her home are limited, a report from Hello!states the TV personality lives in an "incredible home in Chicago" with her husband, Dan Greiner. This doesn't come as a surprise as Lori was born and raised in the Illinois city. She also attended Loyola University Chicago, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in communications, according to Money Inc.

Though it's unclear exactly how big or how many bedrooms the property features, Lori has given plenty of glimpses inside her lovely abode. While social distancing at her estate amid the coronavirus pandemic, the "Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! Make Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality" author hosted an at-home talk show called "Bed Talks With Lori," where she sat in front of her cream-button-back headboard on her king-sized bed. "Get ready to feel inspired TONIGHT at 8 p.m. ET," she wrote on Twitter during one episode in July 2020.

And in August 2021, Lori showed off what appeared to be her living room in a video on TikTok. The place boasted gorgeous stone arches, a white sofa, and a television hung above a fireplace.

Daymond John juggles his life between Manhattan and New York state

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Daymond John is living the life of a typical New York native! The Brooklyn-born television star lives in a beautiful apartment in midtown Manhattan with his wife, Heather John (née Taras), their daughter, Minka, and Daymond's two older kids from his first marriage, girls Yasmeen and Destiny. According to The New York Times, the blended family of five reside in the high-rise unit, which is located just across the street from the Empire State Building, where Daymond runs Fubu, an American hip-hop apparel company he founded in 1992.

When he feels like escaping the bright lights of the Big Apple, Daymond can drive up to his property in rural New York. As the NYT reported, he also owns a cabin in Dutchess County, which is roughly about 90 miles outside New York City. Not only does Daymond have several hundreds of acreage, but his land is also filled with dozens of different animals ranging from guinea hens to chickens and a lake with bass. Most interesting, he has "a million and a half" bees. Daymond told the NYT he was inspired to become a beekeeper after a company called Bee Keeping was featured on "Shark Tank," saying he "became so fascinated" and "bought the hive off them right there on the set."

Kevin O'Leary has an exceptional real estate portfolio

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Why stick with just one property? That's Kevin O'Leary's state of mind, anyway! According to the Toronto Star, theCanadian businessman owns a property in Toronto, as well as one in Muskoka in Ontario. Kevin shared a photo of the sprawling land surrounding the home and the waterfront view on Lake Joseph via Instagram in July 2019, writing, "I call this the 'Wedge' it's [a] natural phenomenon of nature located where our lake house home is situated! Just beautiful!" Additionally, he's reported to be the owner of a house in Geneva, Switzerland.

For the most part, though, Kevin resides in Boston with his wife, Linda O'Leary, and their two kids, Savannah and Trevor. "Boston is a really special place for me," the doting dad of two gushed to Boston Magazine in October 2015. "There's no town like Boston." Considering Kevin has a beautiful residence, it's no surprise he cherishes the estate. As House Digest reported, he has been living in a 2,300-square-foot brownstone on the famous Marlborough St. since 1999. As if that didn't sound like enough real estate, Kevin also owns a studio in Miami. The author gave a glimpse inside his space on Instagram while in lockdown in March 2020, writing, "Yes I know it's a mess. All of a sudden I'm living like I did in college again."

Which "Shark Tank" pad do you think is the most impressive?!


Where Do The Stars Of Shark Tank Live? - Nicki Swift (2024)


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