South Shore Garages | Projects (2024)

South Shore Garages | Projects (1)

We're completely rehabilitating the Braintree Station and Quincy Adams Station parking garages to bring both into a State of Good Repair.

Contract awarded: March 2018
Projected completion:December 2023
Budget: $64.3 million
Status: Construction

Braintree and Quincy Adams garages:

  • Structural concrete and parking deck repairs
  • New stormwater and sewer drainage systems
  • New signage and improved pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow
  • Security and safety updates to security cameras, and to electrical, lighting, and fire protection alarms and systems
  • Cleaned and treated parking areas and garage facades
  • New striping in open parking areas
  • Renovated parking management offices
  • New stairways throughout the garages
  • New roofing and rust-resistant covered parking decks

Braintree Garage:

  • New lobby with an accessible elevator and other accessibility upgrades
  • New emergency power generator and transformer
  • New canopies in front of the station and along a portion of the Commuter Rail ramp

Quincy Adams Garage and parking lot:

  • Site improvements along the pathway to Independence Ave.
  • New bicycle storage
  • Improvements to the atrium busway, stairs, walkways, and drop-off/pick up areas
  • Installation of a new pedestrian bridge and escalator improvements
  • Centre Street bridge repairs
  • Drainage work and improvements to the north parking lot
  • Safer, more accessible parking spots and pedestrian routes to and from the stations
  • 40-year extended service life for reduced maintenance costs and service impacts
  • Better parking amenities and wider parking spots
  • Improved rider experience and safety

Building a Better T

As part of our $9.6 billion, 5-year capital investment plan, we're renovating stations, modernizing fare collection systems, upgrading services for our buses, subways, and ferries, and improving the accessibility of the entire system.

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Garage Reopening

The Braintree and Quincy Adams parking garages are now open with limited availability as construction continues. The Burgin Parkway entrance is closed until further notice.

The surface lot across the street from Quincy Adams station will be closed starting November 29.

  • Both garages now have PayByPhone and pay-by-plate options available
  • The Braintree garage drop-off and pick up location has moved from the Messina satellite lot back to Level 2A
  • The Quincy Adams drop-off and pick up location will remain at Level 1B
  • The number of spots available may change as demand increases

Riders can use PayByPhone or pay-by-plate with the same parking fees as other MBTA surface lots.

Additional parking at Braintree

What to Expect During This Work

There may be limited interruptions of subway and Commuter Rail service while we work on the Braintree and Quincy Adams garages. We'll schedule this work for weekends and off-peak hours when possible.

The 2 outer lanes of the toll plaza are closed until further notice while we repair the Centre Street bridge.

The busway is closed for construction through fall of 2021. Pick-up and drop-off locations for the 238 and 210 buses have been temporarily relocated to Independence Avenue.

South Shore Garages | Projects (2)

The pedestrian bridge at the Braintree Parking Garage was demolished in December 2019. It will be replaced by a new garage lobby featuring elevators and stairwells.

The Route 3 flyover ramp to the 2nd level of the Braintree Garage is closed due to construction. Drivers can access the Braintree Garage and drop-off/pick-up from the Ivory Street entrance during this time.

Service Alerts

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Past Events

South Shore Garages Public Meeting (Quincy)

August 8, 2018, 6:00 PM

South Shore Garages Public Meeting (Quincy)

Lincoln-Hanco*ck Community School Cafeteria, Quincy, MA

South Shore Garages Public Meeting (Braintree)

August 6, 2018, 6:00 PM

South Shore Garages Public Meeting (Braintree)

Braintree Town Hall, Braintree, MA

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We invite you to review documents related to the South Shore Garages project.

  • Board Presentation (June 2019)
  • Public Meeting Presentation (August 2018)
  • Board Presentation (March 2018)
  • Quincy Adams Garage Design Presentation (April 2017)
  • Braintree Garage Design Presentation (March 2017)

Contact Information

For all queries and comments related to South Shore Garages, please email or call MBTA Customer Support at 617-222-3200.

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Recent Updates

Parking Will Be Reduced at Braintree Garage as Accelerated Work Begins

South Shore Garages | Projects (3)

January 28, 2020

Parking Will Be Reduced at Braintree Garage as Accelerated Work Begins

Construction on Quincy Adams Busway

South Shore Garages | Projects (4)

October 28, 2019

Construction on Quincy Adams Busway

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South Shore Garages | Projects (2024)


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